The Five Traditions

Under the Methodist tradition, Kwanglim teaches its followers five explicit values to live by as faithful Christians. Called the Five Traditions of Kwanglim, these values have formed the basis on which the church has achieved unity and growth.
It is important that followers understand these traditions to more easily understand the church.


    Positive faith refers to the way of believing in God aggressively, and not passively. It also refers to the kind of life attitude based on such faith, by which followers should live positively and adventurously in all manners of words and action.


    Fundamentally, a Christian life is to enjoy God’s abundance, and to create further abundance based on it. Christians experience God’s grace through faith first and only then can they enjoy true satisfaction of inner peace and joy – this is the basis of abundant creative religious life. Abundant creation is leading a way of life that lets all our lives’ problems solved in Christ, experiencing God’s blessing in every aspect of our lives.


    It is fundamental that Christians live sincerely. This is because God is our master and we have been called to serve as His faithful foreman. A sincere life entails striving to lead a life that is ethical and moral.


    The important teaching of the Bible is that God is love. Likewise, Christians should lead a life of sharing love on this earth as does God. Love does not come by thinking only but by action. Kwanglim Church is a community of fellowship where God’s love is expressed and shared.


    A church is a community and organization with Christ being the head. As a church, Kwanglim unites first with Christ as its head to do the work of God, and then with elders and working staff, supporting the pastor at its center. History shows that growing and flourishing churches always had followers who were unified in their obedience to God. With such united front, churches have seen miraculous growth and revival in faith, and accomplished numerous missionary works. Only when followers are united in one will there be revival in faith and can reach out to help more people.