Church Philosophy


Loving our neighbors and God based on positive faith is possible when we open our hearts.

God willingly dwells in those with an open heart.
Worshipping God with an open heart, therefore, is a fast-track to an encounter with the Sovereign Lord and a truthful demonstration of love.
Through worship we learn to embrace our neighbors and, in his mighty presence, we learn to live out the practice of caring and serving.


Community of faith based on visionary outlook brings spiritual abundance which in turn provides renewed experiences.

Preparatory work, investment, support and creative developments for the future generation follows in the wake and subsequent collaboration between Gospel, church and cultural activities gives birth to a creative paradigm with which the Korean churches can undertake cultural and educational ministerial projects.


Faithful life brings growth and maturity.

Followers of Christ should constantly seek to grow and mature in faith by absorbing the teachings and discipline of the Bible.
Spiritual growth can be witnessed by internalizing the way of holiness.
Furthermore efforts to strengthen faith and developing holy habits can be achieved by sharing fellowship in Christian gatherings such as bible study and missionary society programs.


When love is put into action healing takes place because mutual relationship is facilitated and bonding develops.

Wounded hearts, distressed life and broken relationship are restored through deep and personal connection which makes the community stronger and more mature.
The presence of God becomes evident as members strive to take care and serve each other.


A community of faith can bring transformation to the world by being unified in total submission to faith.

Being one refers to the state of placing Jesus at the center while total submission means life’s preferential attitude towards martyrdom.
As such, living an obedient life, firmly holding onto eternal truth, will bring true transformation.
In addition it will enable us to become one of Jesus’ true disciples while contributing to the reunification process of the country and to spreading the Gospel to all nations.